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Akai Pro has been actively testing all applicable hardware and software products with each beta release of macOS 11 Big Sur. We understand how important it is for all our users to know exactly what works before they make the jump on any new updates. Please refer to this article for all Akai Pro hardware and software compatibility with macOS 11 Big Sur.

For this reason, we encourage all our dedicated Akai hardware and software owners to refrain from updating to macOS 11 Big Sur until compatibility with the new operating system can be confirmed.


This page will be updated regularly to reflect any updates to product compatibility as testing is completed. We encourage all our users to remain on their current OS until all necessary hardware and software products have been qualified for support.


macOS 11 Bug Sur Hardware Support

All compatibility testing for macOS Monterey is performed on Intel and base-level M1 processors. M1 Pro and M1 Max processors are still in testing and should be considered not supported until further notice. Hardware support confirms testing passed for USB connection, as well as audio and/or MIDI communication.

Any product not listed below is not considered to be supported with macOS 11 Big Sur systems or M1 Processors at this time.

MPC and Force Hardware

ProductIntel ProcessorM1 Processor
MPC Element*SupportedNot Supported
MPC Key 61SupportedSupported
MPC LiveSupported*Supported*
MPC Live IISupported*Supported*
MPC OneSupported*Supported*
MPC RenaissanceSupported****Not Supported
MPC StudioSupportedNot Supported
MPC Studio 2Supported*Supported*
MPC Studio BlackSupported*Supported***
MPC TouchSupported*Not Supported
MPC XSupported*Supported*

* Requires MPC software package and drivers or higher accessible from your inMusic profile after registration

** Requires firmware 3.0.6 or higher available from your inMusic profile after registration

*** Requires drivers found in the MPC 2.11.4 software package installer for support with M1 processors.

**** Audio interface is not officially supported past macOS 10.12. 

MPC Touch and Big Sur

The MPC Touch Displaylink driver will require activating additional permissions in order to work properly on macOS Big Sur. Navigate to macOS System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Privacy (tab at top). Select Accessibility on the left-hand side and check off all boxes for "Displaylink". Then, select Screen Recording on the left-hand side and do the same.

Note: you may need to click the lock icon in the bottom left-hand corner and enter your password before you can make any changes. Click the lock again when you are finished in order to save your changes.

Keyboards and MIDI Controllers

ProductIntel ProcessorM1 Processor
Advance 25Supported*Supported*
Advance 49Supported*Supported*
Advance 61Supported*Supported*
APC Key 25SupportedSupported
APC 40 MKIISupportedSupported
APC miniSupportedSupported
LPD8 WirelessSupported**Supported**
LPK25 WirelessSupported**Supported**
MIDI MixSupportedSupported
MPK225 (original and black versions)SupportedSupported
MPK249 (original and black versions) SupportedSupported (requires firmware update v1.02)***
MPK261 (original and black versions) SupportedSupported (requires firmware update v1.02)***
MPK mini mkIISupported**Supported**
MPK mini mk3SupportedSupported

* Requires v1.0.4 driver. See below for VIP software compatibility.

** Software Editors and other software tools are not currently supported

*** All MPK249 and MPK261 keyboards will require a firmware update to be compatible with M1/M2 processors. Please refer to our article here for access to the download and update instructions.


ProductIntel ProcessorM1 Processor
EWI SoloSupportedSupported
EWI USBSupportedSupported

Audio interfaces/Drum Machines/Synthesizers

ProductIntel ProcessorM1 Processor
EIE (class-compliant)SupportedSupported
Rhythm WolfSupportedSupported
Timbre WolfSupportedSupported
Tom CatSupportedSupported

macOS 11 Big Sur Software Support


All compatibility testing for macOS 11 Big Sur is performed on Intel and base-level M1 processors. M1 Pro and M1 Max processors are still in testing and should be considered not supported until further notice. 

Software support confirms testing passed for software installation and key functionality. Software versions confirmed to be supported below are the minimum versions required for full software support on macOS Monterey and M1 processors.

Any Akai Pro software not listed below is not considered to be supported with macOS 11 Big Sur systems or M1 Processors at this time.

SoftwareIntel ProcessorM1 Processor
EWI USB Software for Macv1.959Not Supported
MPC 2 Softwarev2.10.0.83
MPC Beatsv2.8.3v2.8.3
MPK mini Software Managerv1.1.1.2v1.1.1.2
VIP 3.xv3.1.2Not Supported

Software Partners

Many of our products are dependent on software for all functionality and control while the device is connected to a computer. Our products may be considered "supported" for an operating system, but will not be functional until software support is also available. It is crucial that you confirm software compatibility before choosing to update your system.

Please check with the developers for your preferred software titles for the latest in macOS 11 Big Sur compatibility before choosing to update. We've listed a few key titles below for your convenience. Browser-based tutorial software such as Melodics, Skoove, and TakeLessons are not affected.

How do I prevent my system from updating automatically?

Please be sure to check that your operating system is not enabled to update itself automatically. While this can be a useful feature for some, anyone that relies on the stability of their software and hardware tools should prefer control over which base operating system is installed on their system. Automatic updates will not account for software compatibility before updating which could lead to problems with stability and other functionality if your gear is not ready for the changes in the operating system.

To avoid any delays or downtime, it's best to be deliberate with the decision to update and use the opportunity to check that all your software and hardware tools will be compatible before making the jump. To turn off automatic updates for macOS, please do the following:

1) Navigate to System Preferences > Software Update
2) Uncheck the box next to Automatically keep my Mac up to date

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