Congratulations on purchasing your new MPC! If your MPC One + or MPC Key 37 has been purchased new from an authorized reseller, you are eligible to receive one complimentary plugin! In this article, we will go over how to acquire your free plugin!


Create an Account

If you do not already have an account at you will need to create one first. 

You can go to and click on Account in the upper right-hand corner, or click here and click Create Account.

Register Your Product

In your account click Register New Product and enter the serial found on the bottom of the MPC One+. 

Log into your Account on your MPC

Once you have registered your MPC One + to your account, you will see a new entry for it in your Akai account when you click on See All Your Registered Products.

Click View Downloads.

You will then see the directions for obtaining your free Plugin Voucher:

Congratulations on your purchase of an MPC One+/ MPC Key 37

If your MPC One + or MPC Key 37 has been purchased new from an authorized reseller, you are eligible to receive one complimentary plugin!


To access your free plugin voucher, please follow the steps below:

1)    Connect your MPC One + /MPC Key 37 to the internet (Preferences > WIFI or Ethernet)

2)    Sign into your inMusic Profile on your MPC (Preferences > Activate Plugins > Log-in). Once logged in on your hardware, your complimentary voucher will be deposited into your inMusic Profile account. Note: This must be done in standalone mode. 

3)    Using a computer, open a web browser and log in to your inMusic Profile.

4)    Find the complimentary plugin voucher in your account and follow the included instructions to redeem your voucher code.


Obtain your Free Plugin

Once you have successfully logged into your account from Preferences>Activate Plugins on your standalone device, return to your account to find your Free Plugin Voucher. It will appear as another "product" in your account called MPC ONE + OFFER or MPC KEY 37 OFFER as seen in the picture below:

Click View Downloads to reveal your 8-digit Voucher Code. 

Click the clipboard icon to copy the Voucher Code to your clipboard. 

Click Redeem Voucher

You will be brought to a curated list of eligible plugins. Note: The voucher code is only redeemable on this page.

Choose your product, paste your voucher code, and click Apply:

After successfully entering your Voucher Code you should see the following screen, click Enter Payment Details there:

After clicking Payment Details, a pop-up will appear with the title Payment Information. Enter the required information.

Note: The email must be the same email that your account was created under. 

Next, you will see an Order Confirmation screen. Keep the Order Reference number in case you need to contact support for any reason. 

Click Download Now to download the VST/AU version of the plugin. 


Installing and Authorizing

The License for your free plugin will be deposited directly into the account entered at check-out, so there is no need to enter a serial to register your product. 

To install the VST/AU version, use the Download Now button in the preceding picture to download the proper installer for your operating system and follow the installation directions. 

To install and authorize on your standalone MPC please see this guide:  Akai Pro MPC Expansion Instruments | How to Install and Authorize on MPC and Desktop