The response of the Akai EWI Solo can be manipulated in many ways to improve it's reaction to the user. This can makes the instrument feel more life-like, but it can also mean more trial-and-error for some users getting familiar with the settings. If you feel your Akai EWI Solo is not responding correctly, try resetting it to factory default settings and starting over. 

To return all of the EWI Solo's settings to its factory defaults:

  1. Disconnect the EWI Solo from your computer.
  2. Power off the EWI Solo by pressing and holding the Power button for a full second and then releasing it.
  3. Press and hold the Program button, FX button, and Hold button and power on the EWI Solo (press and hold the Power button for a full second).
  4. Release all buttons. 
  5. When powered on, the display will show a menu with the following options. Use the encoder to select and option and then press it to select.
    1. Continue Normally: Select this option to power on EWI Solo normally.
    2. Reset GLOBAL Only: Select this option to reset only the Global settings to factory defaults.
    3. Reset Everything: Select this option to reset all settings to factory defaults. 

If no selection is made after a few seconds, EWI Solo will power on normally.