Akai Pro EWI5000 - Troubleshooting Error Code 88

This guide will discuss some potential causes and solutions for the error code "88" with the EWI5000.


What does the 88 error code mean?

The 88 error code typically indicates a problem with the battery. This could range from the battery not being seated properly, to the battery being unable to retain a charge.   

What are some potential causes for this error?

Lithium-ion Battery

The EWI5000 uses a lithium-ion battery, which is found in a large variety of consumer electronics, such as smartphones and tablets. These batteries are light, charge quickly, and stay charged for a relatively long period of time. They do not have a "memory", meaning they do not need to be completely discharged before charging up again fully.  As with anything, there are limitations. It can be damaging to allow the battery to completely discharge, even causing the battery to be unusable. The batteries are also sensitive to extreme temperatures, so exposure to an extremely hot or cold environment can cause the battery to drain faster and affect its overall lifespan. 

Battery Discharge

It's a common misconception that it is better to allow a lithium-ion battery to die entirely before recharging in order to prolong the battery life. The EWI5000 will indicate that the battery has reached a low charge by flashing the Preset LED or User LED lights. If you get this notification, it is highly recommended to plug the battery in to charge as soon as possible. Lithium-ion batteries will always drain, even if not in use, so it's important that they are not left to sit for any amount of time at a low charge.

Battery Over-charge

It is not recommended to leave the EWI charging for long periods of time. While it is great to make sure the battery retains a consistent charge, leaving it plugged in for any time over a week can be excessive and bad for the battery's health. In fact, the high temperature caused from overcharging can lead to the battery deteriorating from the inside, which will affect the batteries reliability and amount that it will be able to charge in the future. If the battery or EWI begin to feel hot while charging, disconnect the  EWI immediately to avoid any damage.

Improper Installation

It is recommended that you remove the battery and store it in a safe place if it will not be in use for a long period of time. When doing this, it is recommend to leave the battery about 50% charged. It is important to make sure that the battery is removed and replaced carefully to avoid any damage to the battery or EWI. 

Remove the screw for the battery cover, located directly below the headphone output

Remove the cover and carefully disconnect/reconnect the battery wire to the port inside. Be careful not to disconnect any of the three wires from the port or the battery. If they seem loose or damaged in any way, disconnect the battery to avoid any further damage.

Make sure that the port is pushed in firmly. The connection should feel secure and not easily detached.

Replace the battery cover and screw.

Outside Factors

Other factors that can affect the battery are the environment the battery or EWI is stored or used in. As discussed before, the battery is sensitive to extreme cold or heat, as well as moisture. We always recommend to use, store, and charge the product at room temperature.

Insufficient Charging Source

The EWI5000 is capable of being charged by the available USB cable and wall charger, as well as an available USB port on your laptop. The charger should provide a 5 volt, 1.5 amp output to charge the battery. A laptop should also provide this current but can be subject to other factors and may be more inconsistent based on make and model. More or less, if the laptop is not plugged in or is hosting several other USB devices, it may not be sending the proper volatge to the battery, thus affecting it's charge. In some cases, the battery may not charge at all.  

What can I do to resolve this issue?

Depending on the cause, which is much harder to determine, there is a broad range of options we can cover to troubleshoot the 88 error:

  • Check that the battery was installed properly using the steps above. Make sure that the port connection wasn't accidentally reversed and that it is not loose. Look for any damage to the battery, wires, or compartment. If the battery is damaged, call or email our Tech Support team for further assistance.
  • Try charging with different USB ports, cables and/or chargers. If you've left the device to charge and it comes up with this error, try charging with a different source because it may not have charged at all. Some users have reported positive results when using an iPad charger. If you can, try this out and see if the battery comes back to life.
  • If the battery or EWI has been exposed to any extreme heat or cold, give it some time in a comfortable environment to reset before powering on again.
  • If all else fails, contact our Tech Support Team for further assistance.


Battery Care and Maintenance

The best way to prevent further issues is proper care and maintenance for your product and its battery. Here is a quick review of some of the information we've covered and some more tips to preserve the battery life:

  • Practice consistent charging habits: the battery is affected by being under OR over charged. If the User and/or Preset LEDs flash, make sure to plug the EWI in to charge.
  • Don't overcharge the battery. Leaving it plugged in overnight should be enough to bring it back to a reliable charge without overcharging.
  • Only charge the battery using a recommended wall charger or a laptop or computer USB port. The laptop should remain plugged into its power supply and it's recommended to detach any other USB devices that may also be taking power from the computer.
  • If the battery is not charging, try a different USB cable or charging source.
  • It can also be helpful to check the charge of the EWI before long periods of play or rest to keep it from dying unintentionally. Press and hold the Level Button and FX button to display the current charge amount (00-99).
  • If leaving for long periods of time, it may be useful to remove the battery from the EWI and stor in a cool, dry place. It is recommended to leave the battery at about a 50% charge when doing so to prevent the battery from sitting at an overcharge or allowing the battery to die and enter a sleep state. It may not come back from this.
  • Avoid using or storing the product or battery in areas of extreme heat or cold. This can be detrimental to the product components as well and may require further service than a battery replacement.


Further product support

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own an Akai Pro product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the Akai Pro technical support team is available to help!