With the MPC 2.1 update, you can export MPC expansions directly onto an external drive for use with the MPC software or in standalone with the MPC X or MPC Live. The MPC software and your MPC hardware will both need to be updated to at least version 2.1.



Exporting an Expansion

To export an expansion select File > Export > Expansions.

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Selecting an Expansion and Destination

Check off the expansion(s) that you wish to export to your external media, and select which drive you want to export it to.  In this article, we will export the Araab Muzik Expansion to an SD card named Music Media. If the external drive you are using is installed in your MPC, make sure that it is in controller mode so that your computer will see the drive as available. 

Note:  Do not export the expansion to your computer HD, as it will just create a duplicate of what exists on your computer.

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Your expansion should be exporting to your drive.  Be patient as this may take a few minutes depending on how large the expansion is.

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Once complete, the MPC software will display the below message. Your expansion is now successfully exported!

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Now that your expansion is exported to a drive, it will be available on your MPC in standalone when connected, or on a computer, through the media browser.  

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