The Akai Fire is the first dedicated control surface built to interface directly with FL Studio. Featuring velocity-sensitive pads, an OLED display, and an intuitive one-to-one hardware representation of FL Studio's sequencer, it will be the perfect companion for any beginner or professional FL Studio user. In this article, we'll answer your top questions about the Akai Fire.

Frequently Asked Questions

What software is included with the Fire?

The Fire includes a copy of FL Studio 20.5: Fruity Fire Edition which includes all the samples and plugins you'll need to get started. Once the product is registered, check your Image-Line account for any additional upgrade offers to FL Producer Edition.

How do I download the FL Studio software for the Fire?

To obtain the FL Studio 20.5: Fruity Fire Edition, first, create or log in to your Akai Pro account and register the Fire. Once registered, a link will be provided to the Image-Line website to create an account where you will receive a download link and authorization code for the FL Studio 20.5: Fruity Fire Edition. For a full download and authorization walkthrough, visit our tutorial guide below:

Does the included FL Studio software require a license to activate?

In order to unlock FL Studio 20.5: Fruity Fire Edition, you will need an authorization code (provided after registration) and you will need to connect the Akai Pro Fire while opening the software for the first time. Once the software states that the connection was successful and FL Studio is authorized, no further action is required. A Fire will need to be connected during the initial authorization of the software and connected periodically afterward to retain the Fruity Fire edition authorization. For a full download and authorization walkthrough, visit our tutorial guide below:

Can I unlock the software without internet access?

If you do not have internet access to unlock FL Studio, follow the guide below for an offline unlock process:

How many computers can FL Studio Fruity Fire Edition be authorized on?

The FL Studio software can be authorized on up to four different computers at one time.

Does the Fire require a power supply?

The Fire is USB-hub powered, so it is powered by connecting it directly to your computer. No external power adapter is required.

Does the Fire require a driver to be recognized by my computer?

The Fire is a class-compliant device on both Windows and Mac, so no driver is required. Just plug it into your computer and you're ready to produce!

Are the pads on the Fire velocity-sensitive?

The Fire's pads provide a limited velocity-sensitive response that will allow you to play and insert accented notes in your sequence.

How do I change the velocity of a step in the sequence?

While adding a step to the sequence, or after, press down on the button pad and turn the Volume knob. The velocity of the note will be shown on the OLED display. To change the velocity for an entire channel, select the channel (ALT + Mute/Solo) and adjust the volume knob.

What do the different pad colors represent?

The pads on the Fire will mirror the currently selected channel inside of FL Studio. For example, the color of each track on your Fire will match the corresponding track color in FL Studio. To change the track color, right-click on the sequencer track header (kick, snare, etc.) and choose Change Color. The pads on the Fire will follow immediately.

What are the different modes?

The Fire can be used as more than just a sequence controller. There are 4 modes that change the function of the button pads.

  • Step: The button pads act as a one-to-one controller for the step sequencer in FL Studio
  • Note: The button pads light up to create a playable keyboard to be used with the instrument plugins inside of FL Studio.
  • Drum: The pads light up to form a 16-pad drum bank. This mode works great with FL Studio's built-in FPC instrument.
  • Perform: Pads will match the performance mode in FL Studio to trigger clips, effects, and more.

Use the buttons labeled on the Fire to jump into the respective mode.

Can I lock note mode into a scale? How do I change the root note?

When the Fire is in Note Mode, press down on the SELECT Knob and turn it to choose a scale. With your scale chosen, hold SHIFT and press the Grid Up and Down buttons to set a root note.

What is an accent?

An Accent is a note played at a higher velocity, often used to trigger an alternate sample of the same instrument that adds depth and impact to a sequence. Accents can be triggered from the Fire by turning Accent mode ON (press SHIFT + Step/Accent). Once turned on, press the pad harder to trigger the accent. This works well when using the FPC.

Can I tap out a tempo on the Fire?

Yes. Hold SHIFT and press the Drum/Tap button repeatedly to set a tempo for your project. The project tempo will adjust automatically in real-time.

Is there a software editor for the Fire?

The Fire is a one-to-one hardware representation of the FL Studio sequencer, so all editing changes will be made inside of the software itself.

Can multiple Fire controllers be used with FL Studio?

Up to four Fire controllers can be used with FL studio at one time. This will allow you to build and control up to an 8 track, 32 step grid.

What is the included Akai Fire Cheat Sheet?

The Fire Cheat Sheet is a guide to all of the available button combinations to control functions in FL Studio using the Alt button on the hardware.