Activating to a Second Computer


1. Make sure you already authorized the MPC software on your first computer

Make sure have followed the previous directions on creating an iLok account, installing the iLok license manager on the computers you want to use the MPC software with, and have the license authorized on your iLok account. Once all of these actions are completed, we will now have the ability to add the license to a second computer.


2. Reinstall the iLok license manager onto your second computer.

Go to iLok's website to download the version of the license manager that suits your computer. It is important to install the latest version of the iLok license manager, this download should be right on their website's home page!


3. Log into your iLok account with your user ID & password.

It's possible to create multiple iLok IDs under the same e-mail address. If you do not recall your previous iLok ID, we would suggest confirming your account on your main computer or regather your login information through iLok. For future use with the iLok license manager, you can always use the option to remember login information to keep on your computer so future errors do not occur! 


4. Locate the MPC software from your previous computer. 

On the left sidebar, click the computer where the license is currently located. This will bring up all the licenses active on that device


5. Click the license you want to add to your new computer, then right-click the MPC software & hit Activate

As long as you have an available activation for your MPC Software license, you should be able to properly authorize the MPC software on your second computer!

Now, going through this process, you may experience some issues with the license transfer that may require troubleshooting in case this process is not successful for you. Here are some potential issues you may experience, & their outcomes.


Troubleshooting Activation Issues


I cannot find the MPC software license anywhere on my iLok license manager. What should I do?

As previously mentioned, it is possible to register multiple iLok license manager accounts with your provided email. I would suggest making sure the accounts on both of your computers are logged into the same iLok id (your login username). 


I have reached the limit of authorizations for my MPC software. How do I free a location so I can activate the license on my new computer?

We have a wonderful article that goes further into license transfer for your MPC software, which can be located here. This will help you clear the authorization for your MPC software!


I authorized my license with the MPC 2.0 software's authorizer and now I can't activate it on a different computer. What do I do?

It is possible you may have authorized the MPC software on your previous computer without using iLok License Manager. Please review these troubleshooting steps to relieve this error, so you can properly authorize the MPC software on your secondary computer!


I accidentally authorized the MPC software on a different iLok account. I want to transfer the license to a different iLok id. How would I do so?

If you were interested in transferring your license to another iLok id, you will need to go into the computer where the license is authorized to, find the license on this computer, right-click the MPC software & then hit "Transfer license". The iLok license manager will then ask for your login credentials, & then you can transfer the license to your iLok id of choice, with an additional fee of $25 USD per license.