Preparing you MPD218

  1. Connect your MPD218 to your computer via the provided USB cable.
  2. Press PROG SELECT and then PAD 1

Setting Up Midi Preferences

  1. Open MPC, and navigate to Preferences 
    • On Mac, this is done by clicking on the program's name (MPC 2.0/MPC Beats) in the Menu Bar, thqen Preferences
    • On PC, this is done by clicking Edit, then Preferences
  2. Navigate to the MIDI/Sync tab 
  3. Click and highlight the MasterControl, and Track options for you MPD 218

Importing the MIDI Map

  1. Download the file labeled MPD_218_New_Mapping located below.
  2. Open MPC Beats and select the Midi Learn  tab in the bottom right corner (or press ctrl+shift+L). 
  3. Click the button to the far right of the Global MIDI Settings tab and select Import.
  4. Locate the .xmm file named MPD_218_New_Mapping  to import, and click Load. 

Your MPD218 will now be mapped to MPC Beats!