Standalone MPC's can use microphones, however the process for each of them is slightly different. Follow the steps below for your specific MPC.

MPC One, MPC Live II, MPC Live.

*Please note that the following instructions will only work if your MPC Firmware is updated to at least the  2.10 Firmware*

  • The first option is to use a class-compliant Audio Interface of your choosing, select the "Menu" button on your MPC, go to Preferences then Audio Device. From there simply open the drop down, labeled "Internal" by default and select your audio interface. You can then plug up your Microphone (Condenser or Dynamic) and create an Audio Track.
  • The second option is similar, you can skip the interface and simply connect a USB Microphone and follow the same steps as above to make your USB Microphone act as your interface.
  • The third option can only be done with Dynamic microphones. Simply connect your microphone to the rear inputs  and enable the input to "Line". You are ready to record audio.

MPC X and MPC Key 61.

  • The MPC X and MPC Key 61 both have "pre-amps" that make connecting a microphone very simple. If you are using an MPC X. Simply connect the Microphone into the one of the inputs on the back labeled "Input 1, Input 2". If you are using a dynamic microphone you are all set to record audio. If you are using a condenser microphone you will need to ensure the Phantom Power switch is toggled to the "On" position, this switch can be located on the top right of the MPC X, it is labeled as "+48V". Lastly make sure you inputs are toggled to "Line".
  • The MPC Key 61 follows a similar process, Dynamic microphones can be connected via the back inputs, once connected you are free to begin recording audio. When connecting a Condenser microphone, please ensure you have toggled the switches to "Line" (These are found next to Input 1 and Input 2) and ensure you are toggled the Phantom Power Switch, similarly named "+48V", find in-between Inputs 1 and 2