There have been reports that samples downloaded directly to the MPC Standalone products via the integrated Splice option may become inaudible after a certain point. This has been confirmed as a bug, and we are working closely with Splice to correct the issues. In the meantime, please follow the directions below to continue using your Splice samples.

For this process, you will need a computer and an external storage device, such as a USB Drive, SD Card or 2.5" SSD.  

Note* The MPC One does not have an option to install an SSD, so you will need a USB drive or SD Card.

  1. Download the Splice App on your computer.

  2. Download your samples via the Splice App. Detailed instructions on how to download Splice samples can be found here

  3. After your downloads have been completed, open the folder where the Splice Samples are downloaded to. The default locations are listed below

    Mac - Macintosh HD/Users/[your username]/Splice 
    PC - C:\Documents\Splice 

  4. Plug in your external storage device. If you are using an SSD inside your MPC, connect the MPC to the computer using the included USB cable and put the MPC in Controller Mode.

    Note* The driver must be installed for your MPC for it to be recognized by the computer. You can download the drivers from your Akai Pro Account after successful product registration

  5. Create a new folder on your external storage device. You can name the folder to your liking. Keep in mind there is already a folder named Splice, so you will want to name it something else to avoid confusion.

  6. Drag all desired samples to your newly created folder.

  7. Eject your external storage device from the computer before removing the drive to avoid data loss

The folder you created in your external storage device can now be seen and accessed via the MPC in Standalone mode. To Access the folder in your MPC, navigate to the Browser > Places (top left-hand corner of the screen) and press the name of your drive that appears on the left-hand side of the screen. From here you can access all folders available in your external storage device.