Frequently Asked Questions

What software is included with my purchase, and where can I download it?

The following software will be available in your account after you register your APC Key 25 mk2

  • Ableton Live Lite 11
  • Hybrid 3
  • Mini Grand
  • Velvet

How do I obtain my software?

All included software and sample packs are wrapped into one software manager that will be made available in your inMusic account upon registering your APC Key 25 mk2.

How do authorize the included AIR plugins?

The included AIR Plugins will need to be authorized within the iLok License Manager.  You can find the authorization code for your plugins inside of your inMusic Account account under the "View Downloads" tab in "My Products". The code will be located right underneath the download for the APC Key 25 mk2 Software Manager Click "Software Serial" to reveal the code.

Is Ableton Live 11 required?  

The APC Key 25 mk2 is supported on Ableton Live 11.2.7 or later for correct operation.  The included Ableton Live Lite 11 features a unique control script that will automatically connect and route your APC to the Ableton software. 

Does the APC Key 25 mk2 require an additional power supply?

The APC Key 25 mk2 is powered by the included USB cable and does not require an additional power supply.  

Does the product require drivers, and where can I download them from?

The APC Key 25 mk2 is class compliant and does not require any drivers.  

Can I use 2 or more APC Key 25 mk2 at the same time to control different tracks simultaneously?

Yes! You can use up to 6 APC Key 25 mk2 units at the same time. They can be then assigned to control different tracks for larger sessions!

Is the product compatible with the latest Windows, and Mac operating systems?

 Since the APC Key 25 mk2 is class compliant it is immediately compatible with all current Windows, and Mac operating systems, as well as Macs equipped with M1 Processors.  

Are the pads and keys velocity sensitive?

The pads on the APC Key 25 mk2 are intended for launching clips and are not velocity sensitive. The keys, however, are velocity sensitive. 

How do I use the Sustain Button?

Press and hold this button to sustain all currently held notes (similar to the sustain pedal on a piano). This button is a momentary button, sustaining only when the button is pressed and held.

How do I set this up with Ableton?

  1. First, connect the APC Key 25 mk2 to your computer into an open USB port. The APC is a Class-Compliant Plug-and-Play device and will not require additional driver installation.  

  2. Once the APC is connected to your computer, powered on, and ready to use, open up Ableton Live.  

  3. Go to Options > Preferences. On a Macintosh computer, you would select Live > Preferences.

  4. In the window that opens select the Link Tempo MIDI tab on the left-hand side.

  5. Next select the APC Key 25 mk2 for Control Surface, Input, and Output

    User-added image 
  6. You can then close the Preferences window as you are now ready to go!


Can I assign the knobs to control different functions?

Yes! Normally, you can use these knobs to control various parameters in Ableton Live. Press and hold Shift and press one of the right four Clip Stop Buttons labeled Knob CTRL (Volume, Pan, Send, Device) to put APC Key 25 mk2's Knobs in the corresponding mode: 

  • Volume Mode: The eight knobs will control the volume levels of the eight tracks in Ableton Live selected within the colored aperture that represents the Pad matrix. 
  • Pan Mode: The eight knobs will control the panning positions of the first eight tracks in Ableton Live.  
  • Send Mode: The eight knobs will control the levels of Send A for the first eight tracks in Ableton Live. Repeat this action to set the knobs to control the levels of subsequent sends (e.g., Send B, Send C, etc.). 
  • Device Mode: The eight knobs will control the eight Macro Controls of the current device in Ableton Live. 

Additionally, like all MIDI devices, these knobs can be mapped manually by you, provided you follow the MIDI learn steps outlined by Ableton. 

  1. Turn MIDI map mode on. For Mac, use the keyboard shortcut CMD + m. For Windows, use Ctrl + m.
  2. Select the function you want to map by clicking on it while MIDI map mode is active.
  3. Move a knob on your APC Key 25 mk2.
  4. The controls are now mapped.
  5. Repeat for the remaining knobs and controls you want to map.
  6. Exit MIDI map mode.

What are the soft keys for?

The soft keys are the buttons located to the right of the pads on your unit. Normally, you can press one of these buttons to stop the clip in the corresponding track—represented by the column of five Clip Buttons just above it. However, you can change their functions by pressing and holding Shift and then pressing one of the Scene Launch buttons labeled Soft Keys: Clip Stop, Solo, Mute, Rec Arm, or Select. Each button puts the Knob CTRL Clip Stop Buttons in a different mode: 

  • Clip Stop Mode: The Clip Stop Buttons will stop their corresponding tracks (the default mode). 
  • Solo Mode: The Clip Stop Buttons will solo their corresponding tracks. 
  • Mute Mode: The Clip Stop Buttons will mute their corresponding tracks. 
  • Record-Arm Mode: The Clip Stop Buttons will record-arm their corresponding tracks. 
  • Select Mode: The Clip Stop Buttons will select their corresponding tracks. 

Press and hold Shift and press one of the left four Clip Stop Buttons to shift the viewable 8x5 matrix of clips. In Ableton Live's Session View, this is indicated by a red rectangle around the clips.