The MPC Expansion builder is a powerful tool to expand and tailor your audio toolkit to maximize your productive potential with your MPC. This guide serves to explain the process of obtaining the program for both MPC 2.0 and MPC Beats Users.

Downloading for MPC 2.0

For MPC 2.0 users, downloading and installing the expansion builder is quite simple. The MPC Expansion builder is included with your downloadable software package when downloading MPC 2.0 to your computer.

After you've downloaded, run the MPC 2.0 installer and ensure that the box next to 'MPC Expansion Builder' has been ticket. See the image below for reference:

Once the install has completed, the MPC Expansion builder will now be available.

Downloading for MPC Beats

While the MPC Expansion builder is not included with MPC Beats, it can be obtained and used indefinitely by following the steps outlined below:

  1. Download and install MPC Beats via the following link: Free DAW Software MPC Beats | Akai Pro 
  2. Once installed, install the trial version of MPC 2.0 via the 'Take a Trial' section of the listing found via the following link: MPC2 Desktop Recording Software DAW | Akai Pro 
  3. Follow the procedure outlined in the "Downloading for MPC 2.0" section above to ensure that the MPC Expansion Builder is installed on your computer.
  4. The MPC Expansion Builder will now be available within MPC Beats, and will continue to be available even after your trial of MPC 2.0 has ended.