The arpeggiator is a powerful tool that can add depth and complexity to your music. The LPK25 MK2 allows for the arpeggiator to either follow the tempo of the device's internal MIDI clock, or be synced with the tempo from a DAW.

To set whether the arpeggiator is internally or externally synced, press and hold Arp On/Off, and press the Sync key on the keyboard.

When the arpeggiator is synced internally, the rate is based on the current tempo and time division settings. To set the tempo, press Tap Tempo several times at the desired rate. The arpeggiator will automatically detect the new tempo.

To set the time division, press and hold Arp On/Off, and press one of these keys on the keyboard:

  • 1/4 (quarter notes) 
  • 1/16 (sixteenth notes) 
  • 1/4T (quarter-note triplets) 
  • 1/16T (sixteenth-note triplets) 
  • 1/8 (eighth notes) 
  • 1/32 (thirty-second notes) 
  • 1/8T (eighth-note triplets) 
  • 1/32T (thirty-second-note triplets)

When synced externally, the arpeggiator will follow the tempo of your DAW. You will also need to ensure that the LPK25 MK2 has the appropriate set-up from within your DAW's MIDI preferences, set as the input and output port, with sync/clock enabled for both ports. This will allow the DAW to communicate with the LPK25 MK2.

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