Frequently Asked Questions



What software comes with the MPC Studio MkII?

The MPC Studio MKII comes with the following software

  • The MPC 2.10.1 software
  • F9 Beats Instrumental Collection
  • Producer kits
  • Soulful drums expansion
  • Gold dust expansion
  • Essenti8al Instruments
  • Sounds of NITELIFE - MPC Beats Edition
  • Essential 808 - MPC Beatas Edition
  • Essential Synth Bass - MPC Beats Edition
  • Trap Soul & Rnb - MPC Beats edition

The purchase of the MPC Studio MKII Also includes some additional offers which include, a free trial to splice, a discount to the Air Music AIEP3 collection, & a coupon that can be used on our store for 3 additional MPC Beats packs!

All included software will be made available for download in your Akai Professional Account after registering the MPC Studio MKII. For more information on how to register and download your included content, check out this guide:

Where can I find the authorization code for the MPC Software?

Once the MPC software is registered onto your Akai Professional account, go to My Products & select the MPC Studio MKII. This will lead you to a drop-down menu, with a software download for the MPC Studio 2 installer. From there, you will see a red box for your serial number. This is the code you will need to authorize your MPC Software onto your computer


How do I redeem my free expansions with my purchase of the MPC Studio MkII?

As previously mentioned, with the purchase of the MPC Studio MKII, you receive a coupon that can be used on the MPC Expansion website for 3 free MPC Beats expansions. In order to redeem, you must proceed to checkout with the MPC Beats expansion of your choice, and paste the code before adding payment information. Please note, this must be done 3 separate times, for each plugin you wanted to use the coupon on! You can locate your coupon in your Akai Professional account.


How do I authorize the MPC Software on my computer?

We have some fantastic resources on managing your brand new MPC Studio MKII's software onto your computer! The following guide will lead you into the authorization process for your MPC software,


Where can I find the firmware for the MPC Studio MKII? How do I update the firmware?

In your Akai Professional account, you will find the MPC Studio 2 installer after registering your new product. After you download the installer onto your computer, you will now have access to the MPC Studio Software Manager. Once you open the software manager, you will find the Firmware Updater for MPC Studio MK2 under the Apps section in the software manager. You will then need to then download the firmware updater, which should proceed to open the firmware installer application onto your computer! Make sure your MPC Studio MKII is connected to your computer throughout this process.


How can I use the MPC Studio MKII on my DAW of choice?

The MPC Studio MKII is a great tool for any software of your choice! You have the ability to use the MPC studio MKII & its software on any DAW. To do so, you must make sure you properly authorize and install the MPC software onto your computer. During the software installation process, you will also install plugin files for the MPC Software (AU, VST, & AAX) From there, all you need to do is relaunch your software of choice, and have your software scan the MPC software as an instrument plugin. 


What operating systems will the MPC Studio MKII be supported on?

The MPC Studio MKII and MPC 2.10.1 software are supported for use on Windows 10 and Mac OS X 10.14 and up. This will only require the installation of a single driver to use the MPC One as a controller with MPC 2.10.1.


Which MPC 2.0 version is the MPC Studio MKII compatible with?

The MPC Studio MKII is compatible with MPC 2.10.1 and up.


Does the MPC Studio MKII require a computer for use?

Yes! The MPC Studio is a fully integrated USB MIDI controller for your computer. It is designed to work seamlessly with the included MPC Software. which provides all of the major workflow points of any standalone MPC's, while including lots of new enhancements!


Is the MPC Studio MKII USB 2.0 or USB 3.0?

The MPC Studio MKII supports USB 2.0 connections and ships with a USB 2.0 cable to connect to your computer.


Does the MPC Studio MKII use a Power Supply?

The MPC Studio MKII is powered through its USB connection and does not require any other connections for power.


Will the MPC Studio MKII work as a standard audio interface?

The MPC Studio MKII is a fully integrated controller for the MPC Software and will require audio input and output from your computer's sound card, or external audio interface. ASIO driver types are strongly recommended along with the latest updates for your sound card or audio interface's drivers.


Does the MPC Studio MKII include MIDI ports for external sequencers and hardware sound modules?

Yes! The MPC Studio MKII includes MIDI In and Out ports. Included with the MPC Studio are 2, 1/8" to 5-Pin MIDI conversion breakout cables. 1 for the MPC Studio's MIDI Input and Output ports.


What do I use the touch strip on the MPC Studio MKII for?

The touch strip is a brand new feature within the MPC series. The touch strip allows you to control parameters in real-time such as effects, pitch bend, modulation, sustain & pitch, and key project and mixing parameters! In order to change the setting for the touch strip, all you will need to do is turn the data wheel to adjust.


Where can I learn more about the MPC Studio MKII?

The MPC Beats academy is the perfect place to learn all the in's & out's of the wonderful MPC Studio MKII. Please check out this youtube playlist on everything you need to know on the MPC Studio MKII! You can also check out the masterclass series on the MPC Studio Mkii here! Below are some more wonderful guides for learning the MPC Software;