What is the main difference between the MPK Mini MK3 and the MPK Mini Plus?

While the MPK Mini Plus has retained all of the features of the MPK Mini Mk3 that users have come to know and love, such as real MPC pads, Gen 2 enhanced dynamic keypad, assignable Q-Links, and assignable joystick; the MPK Mini Plus brings a host of new features to the table, including:

  • 37 keys as opposed to 25
  • An encoder knob to select from all of the internal menu options.
  • Modulation and Pitch wheels
  • Transport controls
  • Chords and Scales modes
  • A built in Step Editor/Live Sequencer
  • CV/Gate outputs
  • CV Clock In/Out
  • 5-pin Midi In/Out ports

What do the Pitch and Modulation Wheels do?

The pitch bend wheel is primarily used to bend the notes played on the keyboard.  This allows you to play phrases not normally associated with keyboard playing, such as guitar-style riffs.  The modulation wheel is typically used to add variation to the sound that you are playing.

What are the transport controls?

The transport controls will send midi messages to your DAW to control the Stop, Play and Record functions.

What are the Chords and Scales modes?

When Chords mode multiple notes will be played with a single key press.  Scales mode will set the keybed to play only within a certain scale.

What does the Sequencer do?

The Sequencer allows you to program a combination of notes and rhythms that can be sent to your DAW or hardware synths, MPC, or any other device that accepts midi.

What do the CV/Gate outputs do?

The CV/Gate outputs are for sending control voltage (CV) and/or Gate signals to optional external synths or sequencers. Use standard 1/8” (3.5 mm) TS cables to send a single CV/Gate signal through the following outputs:  

  • Pitch: Sends CV pitch messages.  
  • Gate: Sends Gate (note length) messages.  
  • Mod: Sends CV Modulation or Velocity messages.

What does the Joystick do?

The can Joystick assigned to send MIDI pitch bend messages or send MIDI CC messages within your DAW.

Please note: By default the Joystick will be inactive, and must be assigned in your DAW.

Do I need a computer to use the MPK Plus?

Yes, the MPK Mini Plus is a class-compliant, USB-MIDI keyboard. This means that instead of creating sound on its own, it will send MIDI messages to the software on your computer to generate sound and control your music production software.

Is the MPK Mini Plus compatible with my Windows/Mac computer?

Yes! The MPK Mini Plus is compatible with both windows and Mac computers. (Please note that on Mac computers 2017 and up, you will need to use a USB-B to USB-C cable or adapter)

Is a driver required to connect this device to my computer?

The MPK Mini Plus is a class compliant device, which means it can be connected to any computer without the need for additional drivers.

Does the MPK Mini Plus require an external power supply?

The Akai MPK Mini Plus is USB hub powered. It connects and powers via a standard USB-A to USB-B cable and does not require an additional power supply. 

What are the dimensions of the MPK Mini Plus?

The MPK mini mk3 has the following dimensions:

  • Width: 17.76"
  • Depth: 7.08"
  • Height: 2.04"
  • Weight: 2.78 lbs

What software is included with Akai MPK Plus?

The MPK mini Plus includes the following software:

  • MPC Beats:
  • AIR Hype
  • AIR Stage Piano
  • AIR Electric
  • MPC Beats Producer Kits
  • Soulful Drums
  • LoFi Producer Collection
  • Trap Soul & LoFi Beats
  • MPK Mini Plus Editor
  • MPK MIini Plus Firmware Updater

Do I need to Update the Firmware?

Yes!  The Firmware will need to be updated before you begin using your controller.  Please follow the link below for detailed instructions on updating the firmware.

Akai Pro MPK Mini Plus | Firmware Update Walkthrough

How do I obtain my software?

All included software and sample packs are wrapped into one software manager that will be made available in your inMusic account upon registering your MPK Mini Plus.  For instructions on how to locate your software and activation code please see the link below.

Akai Pro MPK Mini Plus | Where To Find The Included Software and Activation Codes

How do authorize the included AIR plugins?

The included AIR Plugins will need to be authorized within the iLok License Manager.  You can find the authorization code for your plugins inside of your inMusic Account account under the "View Downloads" tab in "My Products". The code will be located right underneath the download for the MPK Mini Plus Software Manager Click "Software Serial" to reveal the code.

Can I use my MPK Mini Plus with a different DAW?

Absolutely! Just like it's predecessor, The MPK Mini Plus is compatible with virtually any DAW or music production software that will work with USB/MIDI keyboards, and even included mapping presets for many popular DAWs such as Ableton Live, Logic Pro, FL Studio, and Garageband. Please refer to your DAW's documentation for more information on how to interface an external controller with the software.