Frequently Asked Questions:

What's different about the LP8 and the LPD8 mk2?

Here's a breakdown of the differences between the LPD8 and LPD8 mk2!

LPD8LPD8 mk2
Pads8 Velocity Sensitive, Silkscreen Black Tops8 velocity and pressure sensitive pads with co-molded rubber tops from the MPC Series
Lightingsingle-color orangefull-color RGB, user customizable via software
USBMini-usbFull sized USB
Included SoftwareLPD8 Program EditorVST Instruments: Hybrid, Mini Grand, Velvet
Apps: MPC Beats, LPD8 mk2 Program Editor
MPC Sound Packs: F9 Beats Instruments Collection, Producer Kits, Soulful Drums, LoFi Producer Collection, Trap Soul & LoFi Beats

What is included with this product?

The box contents for the LPD8 are:

  • LPD8 mk2
  • USB Cable
  • Software Download Card
  • User Guide
  • Safety & Warranty Manual 

In addition to these, the LPD8 comes with a software bundle including the Editor Software, MPC Beats and some additional content.

What are the dimensions of the LPD8 MK2?

The LPD8 MK2 is extremely portable with the following dimensions: width: 12.1”, depth: 3.2”, and height: 1.3”.

What software is included with the LPD8?

  • MPC Beats & Internal Plugins: AIR Bassline, AIR Electric, AIR Tubesynth, and AIR FX Bundle insert effect
  • AIR Hybrid
  • AIR Mini Grand
  • AIR Velvet
  • MPC Beats Producer Kits
  • Soulful Drums
  • LoFi Producer Collection
  • Trap Soul & LoFi Beats
  • LPD Program Editor

Is the LPD8 MK2 compatible with my Windows/Mac computer?

Yes! The LPD8 MK2 is compatible with both windows and Mac computers. As long as you have a USB port available, you are good to go.

Is a driver required to connect this device to my computer?

The LPD8 MK2 is a class compliant unit, which means it can be connected to any computer without any drivers.

How is this product powered?

The LPD8 Mk2 is bus powered, wich means you don't need a power adapter. Instead, the LPD8 MK2 is powered via the USB cable so you can just plug it and play it anywhere with your laptop.

What is a program?

A program is a preset file (.lpd) containing all of the MIDI assignments you make in the program editor. Using programs lets you maintain several different control configurations to use in different situations. LPD8 mk2 can store a maximum of 4 programs, and you can store additional programs on your computer to send to LPD8 mk2 with the Program Editor

How to load and save programs in the Program Editor?

To open a program on a connected LPD8 mk2, click the Get button for the desired program: Program 1, 2, 3, or 4. Editing this program will not affect the program stored on your LPD8 mk2. To save a program, go to File > Save, select the desired location, enter a file name, and click Save. The program will be saved as an .lpd file. Alternatively, press Ctrl+S (Windows) or Cmd+S(Mac OS X). To learn more about how to use the Program Editor please see the LPD8 MK2 Program Editor User Guide.

How to change the pad colors?

You can use the Program editor to change the colors of the pads and how they behave when you use them. To select the pad color when a note on message is received, click the ON field, and select a color from the shortcuts or enter a color number. To select the pad color when a note off message is received, click the OFF field, and select a color from the shortcuts or enter a color number. To select how the pads behave when pressed, click the Type field in the bottom-left of the Editor, and select one of the two global options: Momentary or Toggle.

What are the Note, CC, and Prog Chng buttons for?

Each of these buttons determines the kind of MIDI message the LPD8 mk2's pads will send.
- Note: When this button is active, the LPD8 mk2's pads will send MIDI Note messages.
- Prog Chng (Program Change): When this button is active, the LPD8 mk2's pads will send Program Change messages.
- CC: When this button is active, the LPD8 mk2's pads will send out MIDI Control Change messages.