All MPC Key 61 will receive full access to the six new MPC expansion instruments: Fabric, OPx-4, Organ, Stage Piano, Stage EP, and Studio Strings. However, they will still need to be authorized for use on any computer or MPC standalone hardware.*

For a walkthrough of the activation process, please visit our setup guide:

New users may find that after logging in to their inMusic Profile through the MPC software or hardware, they do not have immediate access to activate the software. If this occurs, each plugin serial/activation code can be entered manually to register and activate the software to your device.

  1. Go to your inMusic Profile and locate the MPC Key 61 registration in your My Registered Products list. Click View Downloads.

  2. Select a plugin instrument in your Downloads list and click Get Serial. This will generate a serial/activation code for your plugin.

  3. Copy the serial code and go back to the MPC software and the Activate Plugins page.

  4. Enter the serial code into the field at the bottom of the screen and click Register.

Repeat these steps for each plugin. Once the plugin has been registered to your account, you will see an Activate button next to each plugin to enable it for that device (computer or MPC standalone hardware*).

Please be aware: Once you do these steps to register the serial to your account, you will now see the software as a separate product in your inMusic Profile. It will not be necessary to register it again when activating a different device. 

Once you log in and activate a device (computer or MPC standalone hardware*), the plugins will remain activated until:

  • They are deactivated manually
  • You log out of your account on that device

If you log out and log back in on a device, the plugins will need to be re-activated on that device.

MPC Expansion Instruments can be activated on up to 3 devices simultaneously (including computers and MPC standalone hardware*). If the limit of 3 devices has been reached, the plugin(s) will need to be deactivated on another device before it can be activated on a new device.

*MPC standalone hardware includes the MPC X, MPC Live, MPC Live II, MPC One, and MPC Key 61.