All MPC 2 software users and MPC standalone hardware* owners now have access to a series of studio-quality instrument plugins exclusive to MPC! This includes:

All of these can be purchased separately or together as a part of the complete MPC Instrument Collection.* Visit to purchase or learn more. 

We have also released new FX insert plugins as well, these are authorized and installed in much the same way, however, once you have purchased, registered, and activated, you will find the product as a track FX insert:

Once the plugins have been purchased, the video below will help you install and activate these to either your MPC standalone hardware** or computer.

Important Activation Details

  • Users must update to the latest MPC firmware version to obtain the latest instruments/FX
  • MPC Expansion Instruments can be activated on up to 3 devices simultaneously (including computers and MPC standalone hardware*). If the limit of 3 devices has been reached, the plugin(s) will need to be deactivated on another device before it can be activated on a new device.

  • Once you log in and activate a device (computer or MPC standalone hardware*), the plugins will remain activated until:
    • They are deactivated manually from the device
    • You log out of your account on that device

  • If you log out and log back in on a device, the plugins will need to be re-activated on that device.

*Mini D is not a part of the MPC Instrument Collection, at this time, and can only be purchased separately. 

**MPC standalone hardware includes the MPC X, MPC Live, MPC Live II, MPC One, and MPC Key 61.