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Step 1: Connecting Your MIDI Device to Ableton Live

  • First, make sure your MIDI Device is connected to your computer's USB port using the included cable and that you are running the latest available version of Ableton Live Software. We will be using the APC Key 25 MKII as an example (If you are using a USB hub, please make sure that it has isolated power, and is a "Powered USB HUB")
  • Secondly, make sure your MIDI control surface is configured like so in Ableton's MIDI Preferences tab.
Control Surface Input Output
APC Key 25 MK 2APC Key 25 MK 2 (Control)APC Key 25 MK 2 (Control)

Step 2: Mapping 3rd Party Device Parameters to Your Hardware Using Ableton Live

In this particular case, we will be using the dry/wet parameter as an example

  • Open any 3rd party VST or Audio FX unit and click the parameter you wish you isolate individually. 

(Please Note: not all VST's or Audio effects racks can be user-assignable, and this functionality is solely based on how the VST or Audio Unit was designed by its manufacturer)

  • Once the respective parameter has been selected, the parameter will now display itself in a dropdown list inside of the plugin window as seen below.

Step 3: Assigning 3rd Party Controls to Your MIDI Device

  • Upon clicking the parameter you would like to control, a horizontal fader will appear to the right-hand side of the plugin window below.
  • Right- Click the horizontal fader and select "Edit MIDI Map(this will pull up Live's MIDI Editor)
  • Move the knob, fader, pad, or button you wish to map to the selected parameter once. 
  • Right- Click the horizontal fader again and de-select "Edit MIDI Map" to exit Live's MIDI Editor

Now, at this time you have successfully mapped a 3rd party device parameter using your MIDI Enabled hardware and are now ready to use this setup to control the desired parameter inside of Ableton Live! 

When you move the control you assigned (in this case the APC Key 25 MK 2 knob) it will correspond with the horizontal fader for the plugin or audio fx displayed in Ableton as shown below. 

For a more extensive list of tutorials, head over to or to find out more about your controller, head over to our YouTube page at: AkaiProVideo - YouTube