After registering your APC 64, you will find a number of downloadable items in your account.

One of which is the APC Firmware Update 

This is essential for full functionality of your APC 64 and should be completed as soon as possible. 

This guide will cover the Firmware Update Process. 

Download the APC 64 Firmware Updater installer that corresponds to your operating system, and find it in your downloads folder. 

Open the file, and allow it to make changes to your computer. 

Then, follow the directions in the prompts provided: 

Once you have installed the updater, please find it in your applications:

Open the program and make sure your APC 64 is connected to the computer and powered on.

If the device is not found, click Scan For Device:

Next, click Update Firmware:

Follow the prompts, and be sure that you do not power off your APC 54 or unplug it during the update. 

Once updated, you will see this message: