I can't register my product!

Please check that you are not re-typing the (21) when entering the serial number. This is already included in the format and does not need to be entered again. If you enter the (21), you will also find that you will be missing digits at the end of your serial number. 



If you are receiving an error message, you can reference the guide below to see how to rectify it! 

How do I register my product?

My device will not stay connected to Ableton Live!

Firstly, it is very important you install the Firmware update listed in your account. Follow the instructions in the installer to install the Firmware onto your APC64. 

If your device is disconnecting during use with Ableton Live, many issues can occur:

  • Freezing randomly during a session
  • Losing connection and restarting
  • All connected USB devices lose connection randomly

There are a few steps we can try to ensure this doesn't occur consistently:

  1. Try swapping your USB Cable. USB Cables often go through some substantial wear and tear, so we recommend using shorter cables and swapping them out if you ever notice dropouts or USB devices that cannot be identified. 
  2. Connect directly to the computer's USB port and not through a hub. Lots of hubs are designed by 3rd parties that we cannot test or support, and many others do not provide sufficient energy to power the APC.
  3. Try different ports on the computer - the APC will work with both USB 2.0  and USB 3.0 ports, so feel free to try them all out!
  4. If using Windows make sure that power saving is disabled for USB ports. Because the APC is bus-powered, any dip in power can cause the entire APC to power down.

If you're still having issues, check the following:

  • Make sure that you've configured it correctly in Live's MIDI preferences. Check that the correct ports are selected and there is only one Control Surface active for the same controller.
  • Check to ensure your operating system is supported. The APC 64 is a new product, so many legacy operating systems will not be supported. If possible, update to the latest version of your operating system and Ableton!