If you do not already have an account at, you will need to create one by going here and clicking Create Account:

Next, register your APC 64:

Click on Register New Product

Then, enter your serial number and click check serial.

Next, choose Register Your Product.

Follow the prompts to enter your date of purchase and place of purchase. 

If you run into any trouble, please follow his guide: How do I register my product?

Once you are finished, you will br brought back to your account and you should see the APC 64 under Your Registered Products. 

Note: This device does require a day-1 firmware update. Be sure to run the APC Firmware Update before using your device. Akai Pro APC 64 | Firmware Update

Downloading Ableton

Now that you have successfully registered your APC 64,You will see a number of items for download in your account, one of which being your Ableton Live Lite License:

First, you will want to click Get a Serial, and copy the serial number, then click Redeem Now. This will bring you to the Ableton License Redemption Page.

Enter the serial number (registration cod) that you previously copied to your clipboard, and click Submit: 

Now, choose your operating system, and follow the directions to download and install Ableton Live Lite: 

Downloading the inMusic Software Center

The rest of the included content will be found in the inMusic Software Center:

Click the download that corresponds to your operating system and follow the prompts to install the inMusic Software Center. 

Follow this helpful installation video for further assistance with installing and logging into the inMusic Software Center:

Once you have installed the IMSC (inMusic Software Center) and logged in, follow along below for further help with redeeming the APC 64 included software.

Redeeming Plugins

When you start the IMSC, you will be prompted to connect your APC 64 in order to redeem the included software. Follow the on-screen directions and press Redeem Software:

Note: if your APC 64 is not immediately recognized, please toggle the device off and on again, and click Redeem again. 

Click Next and you will see the included Plugin Instruments. You can toggle whether they automatically download be checking or unchecking each plugin. you can always download them later from the All Software section of the IMSC.

Click Next to see the included Plugin Effects:
Note: Some plugins are already installed on the computer in this shot: 

Next, you will see your included content being downloaded in the My Software view of the IMSC.

Ilok Redemption for Essential Keyboard Collection

All of the Software except for the Essential Keyboard Collection will be automatically registered to your inMusic account.

Essential Keyboard Collection uses the older License Authorization System of PACE Ilok License Manager. Follow This Guide for further assistance witth Ilok.

Put simply, you will get your 30-digit Ilok code by clicking Get Ilok Code:

And then, on the next page, click redeem, to receive your License. 

Copy this code to your clipboard and go to to download the iLok License Manager: 

Once you have downloaded and installed the ilok License Manager, create an account, and login. 

Then, go to Licenses > Redeem Activation Code. Enter the Code that you copied to your clipboard, by pasting it there.

InMusic Software Redemption

While our newer software titles, like Tubesynth, Electric, Ether, Half Speed, Flavor, and Vocal Tuner will use our brand-new native software unlock system which seamlessly ties your titles to your inMusic Account and the InMusic Software Center. 

Once you have downloaded and installed a title, you can activate it by pressing the" 3 dots" to the right of the plugin entry in the IMSC: 

Otherwise, you will be prompted to Activate by logging into your inMusic Account when you open the plguin in your DAW: 

Follow the video below for further explanation: