Redeeming Your MPC Beat Pack Offer

Follow this guide for assistance on redeeming your MPC Beat Pack offer and downloading your MPC Beat Packs


Where is the MPC Beat Pack Offer Coupon?

When registering an MPC Studio MKII, users will receive a coupon redeemable for 3 MPC Beat Packs.  

To redeem your MPC Beat Packs, select the offer within your inMusic Profile, under Your Registered Products.

Select "Get Coupon"

Copy your coupon and follow the link to acquire your Beat Packs by selecting "Redeem".

After selecting "Redeem", you will be brought to the MPC Beat Pack Purchase Page.


Choose your MPC Beat Packs

From the MPC Beat Pack Purchase Page, choose 3 MPC Beat Packs that you wish to claim using your offer. Select "Add to Cart" on each of the 3 packs.

*See below for more information on MPC Beat Pack Offer Limitations.

Checkout from Store

Once you have chosen your 3 MPC Beat Packs, select "To Checkout".

You should see your cart on the right-hand side of the screen, as seen here:

Proceed to checkout.

Enter your customer information, and paste your coupon code into the appropriate field:

After selecting "Apply", with your coupon code entered, you should see:

Select "Place Your Order":

Download your Packs

You will then be given download links for your order:

You will also receive an email containing your download links and order confirmation.

Remember, these links will be held for a limited amount of time, and cannot be accessed in the future.  For more information on acquiring your previously purchased expansions, please see the following guide: Akai Pro MPC Series | Accessing Your Purchased Expansions 

MPC Beat Pack Offer Limitations

Your MPC Beat Pack Offer is non-redeemable to:

  • The latest 3 MPC Beat Packs - the expansions are listed chronologically.  The latest 3 MPC Packs will be the 3 advertised at the top of the page
  • Artist packs - such as the Araab Muzik, Snipe Young packs 
  • Full MPC Expansions - this offer is for MPC Beats Edition Expansions, otherwise known as "Beat Packs", not the full MPC Expansion version

If you attempt to checkout of your cart with MPC Packs that are not qualified, your coupon will not be applied to the non-qualified MPC Packs.

Downloading and Installing MPC Expansions and Beat Packs

For further assistance on downloading and installing your MPC Packs, please see the following guide:  Akai Pro MPC 2 Software | How to Install and Use MPC Expansions